About Us

Founder’s Statement

“New Canaan Impact Capital is the Opus Gloria of my 25 plus years in business. The Foundation of the Company is built on my heart’s desire to assemble a world class team that collectively leverages our time, talents, and resources to generate wealth for all stakeholders, which for us includes a contribution to sustainable positive impacts in the lives of people globally.”

John Gramling III

Our Preference

New Canaan Impact Capital’s (NCIC) primary focus is on companies who have reached an inflection point. These companies have reached a level of success where they have a proven product or service but do not have the needed capital and/or all of the required expertise to reach the next step in their growth. The NCIC Team likes to engage after the Founders have made their initial investments, but either prior to or alongside other professional capital. We have found that this phase of the business cycle allows our Team to make the largest IMPACT with the highest probability of success in both capital formation and shaping the strategic initiatives of our clients. NCIC accomplishes these deliverables through a direct investment into the company and with a “sleeves rolled up” consultancy that meets our clientele where they are and has the capability of walking shoulder to shoulder with them all the way to Exit.


Revenues – Up to $20,000,000

EBITDA – Negative to $4,000,000

Industry Preference – Agnostic with a strong emphasis on IP

Horizon – 3 to 5 years

Preferred Structure – SAFE Note, open to other structures

Return Profile – 7x to 10x

Direct Investment Size – $25,000 to $500,000

Syndicated Investment Size -$10,000,000


Industry Preferences – Agnostic

Horizon – 2 years

Debt Service Coverage Ratio – min 1.25x

Return Profile – 10.0% to 20.0% Annualized

Direct Investment Size – $25,000 to $500,000

Syndicated Investment Size – $25,000,000

Real Estate

Preferences – Single Family and multifamily         development

Return Profile – 6.0% min cap rate

Syndicated Investment Size – $100,000,000

Our Team

Each Team member’s specialty, know-how, and dedication drives the holistic services that we provide.  We intentionally focus and hold ourselves accountable for providing the same high-level deliverables to our clients in both Strategy and Program Execution.

John Gramling III

John Gramling III

Founder & CEO

Dot Nellums

Dot Nellums

Executive Assistant & Bookkeeper

Ashley Pulido Losch

Ashley Pulido Losch

Vice President

The Foundation

The New Canaan Impact Capital Foundation is an owner-designated account held at the South Carolina Christian Foundation, that was established to steward resources generated from the success of New Canaan Impact Capital.  The Foundation is committed to helping those in need and advancing the Kingdom of Heaven globally.

Our Vision

The vision of New Canaan Impact Capital is to be an industry leader in pairing impact-minded capital with unique opportunities for the purpose of generating exceptional returns for all stakeholders. Thereby, making significant resources available to facilitate positive change globally.

Our Mission

The mission of New Canaan Impact Capital is to identify, capitalize and shepherd unique pre-middle market companies whose success will not only generate acceptable returns for all stakeholders but will also contribute to elevating the lives of others.

Meet Our Broker Dealer

New Canaan Impact Capital offers securities through its Broker Dealer relationship with Carolina Financial Securities (CFS). In the past 20 years, CFS has placed over $1 billion dollars in private offerings, to include both debt and equity, into more than 100 companies.  John Gramling III joined CFS as a Managing Director in 2017 and continues to serve in that role.