Advise. Invest. Exit.

An impact-driven Merchant Bank that advises, syndicates, and facilitates growth and exits for lower-middle market companies.


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We Invest for your Success

We are not just bankers, we are also seasoned operators who understand how to build the bridge to success for earlier stage companies.  Our hands-on approach begins with a comprehensive assessment that gets to the truth of both the present and desired state of a company.  Once the assessment is  completed, New Canaan Impact Capital (NCIC) integrates its Advise, Invest, Exit strategy into another one of our family of investments.


We help your business grow & evolve.


We commit our money & source capital.


We seek a way for everyone to win.

We Advise

We understand that it all begins with an idea and respect the transition from that idea to operation. Our goal is to meet you where you are and guide you through further development and growth.

We Exit

At exit, the company, shareholders, and NCIC are in alignment because we are all stakeholders. That alignment, combined with intimate insight gained from being an advisor and facilitating the capital structure, allows NCIC to pursue a favorable exit opportunity for all parties involved.

A Threefold Cord is not Quickly Broken

Together, we have over 50 years of investment and operational experience in a broad range of industries, from clean energy to healthcare to technology and real estate. As investment professionals, we follow industry-best practices and our internal propriety process, to provide opportunities that meet our high standards, the goals of our clients company and the expectation of our investors.

Our Core Values

NCIC was founded on three pillars: uncompromising ethics, proper stewardship of time, money, and talents, and making an impact by giving back through our Foundation.


Our Investors

Current investments are from NCIC internally, and we plan to syndicate through our longstanding relationships with private wealth, institutional investors, and strategic financial partners who have diverse interests in an array of asset classes, including both debt and equity investments.

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